Home Visits

If you have any issues with your dog or you don’t feel comfortable bringing your puppy into a class environment a home visit might be the right option for you, whether your pooch is 8 weeks or 8 years old. All home visits last for one hour and are £45 per visit.

Puppy Home Visit

We are happy to come around your house and give you advice on common issues such as house training, jumping up, play biting or getting your puppy used to being left alone. This is your chance to get your trainer’s undivided attention and to ask all your burning questions

Adolescent and Adult Dog Visit

Whether you are experiencing difficulties with your adolescent or adult dog or if you just want to improve your dog’s abilities and refine your training skills; we are happy to come around your house to advise and support you. Home visits last for one hour

Welcome Home Visit

Whether you are bringing home a young puppy or have decided to adopt a rescue dog – no matter what age or breed – we can help you settle your new companion, establish house rules and generally get off to a good start for a happy life together.

Doggy Prep Visit

If you want to get a dog but need guidance on how to start the process and decide what would be a suitable breed we can help. Based on your family structure, time and other factors we can help decide on which breed, and even which pup in a litter would be a great match for you. We also work with the Dog Trust and can help decide which rescue dog might be suitable.
If you have already found your perfect match but are unsure how to prepare for its arrival, how to set up your house or what equipment is necessary let us know and we’re happy to help.

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